Safety Window Film

Concept and Structure of Hyundai L&C Safety Film

Concept of Hyundai L&C Safety Film

Hyundai L&C Safety and Security Films are a protective film, a high degree of transparency optical PET film, that are applied to glass which is the vulnerable part of the buildings. It has a high resistance to external shocks by improving strength of glass. Also, it protects property and individuals by delaying and obstructing trespassing and protects body from the glass shards if any damage.

Structure of Hyundai L&C Safety Film

Features and Applications of Hyundai L&C Safety Film

Structure and concept

  • Save energy cost to reduce cooling and heating loads by blocking infrared rays
  • Prevent secondary accident by making glass shatter-resistant if any glass damaged from natural and manmade disasters
  • Make pleasant environment by controlling sunlight and inside temperature effectively
  • Prevent bleaching and discolour of inside articles from harmful rays
  • Anti-aging skin and sight protection by blocking harmful UV
  • All products provide Quality guarantee 10 years for interior installation

EX1500, EXC5500 7 years quality guarantee for installing to exterior vertical surface, 5 years quality guarantee for installing to 45° slope surface

Hyundai L&C insulation film for buildings

Protection of property and individuals by glass damages

  1. Prevent secondary accident from the glass shards if any glass damaged by natural disasters like storm, fires, blast or earthquakes.
  2. Strengthen primary protection from intrusion through windows(glass) like theft and terrorists
  3. Block 99% of the harmful UV rays
  4. Economic effects on installation cost comparing to a high functional film which is a specialized-function product concentrating safety performance

Application site of Safety Film

  • Financial institution
  • Public institute
  • Educational institute
  • High-priced articles showroom
  • Shopping center
  • Airport
  • Passenger terminal
  • Safety facilities
  • Military reservation facilities
  • Block solar heat in summer And keep the heat inside in winter The difference a single film can make
  • Block harmful UV and infrared rays
  • Improve internal insulation
  • The energy saving know-how of Hyundai L&C HYUNDAI WINDOW FILM Insulation film for buildings
  • You can see it right now Turn your glass windows into 1st grade energy efficiency rating in just one step(just attach)