Hanwha L&C History
Hanwha L&C that protects the values of humanity and the environment strives to improve the quality of life in all aspects of human society and participates actively to preserve the environment. A high-tech material company with expertise gathered after many years of experience and achieved through ceaseless challenges. Hanwha L&C provides differentiated high-quality materials that exude creativity and passion.
  • 2014.
    07   Establishment of Hanwha L&C Building Materials Division
  • 2012.
    12   Showroom Renewal
  • 2011.
    02   User & Customer Panel ‘ELEN’ Initiated
  • 2010.
    10   Opened the Khan Stone exhibition hall
  • 2009.
    10   Completed the Czech automotive parts plant
    08   Completed the ‘Khan Stone’ Canada Plant
  • 2008.
    08   Expanded the Alabama Plant
    07   Opened Bugang Plant #3
    01   Built an overseas production base in Ontario, Canada
  • 2007.
    12   Founded Hanwha L&C Czech s.r.o., a Czech affiliate
    12   Founded Hanwha L&C Canada lnc., a Canadian affiliate
    11   Acquired US-based Azdel (world’s No. 1 light-weight GMT manufacturer)
    10   Changed name and CI from Hanwha Chemical to Hanwha L&C
    01   Announced a New CI
  • 2005.
    07   Founded Hanwha L&C (Shanghai) Plastics Co., Ltd., a Chinese automotive parts maker
    06   The ‘TPU Power for automotive instrument panels’ acquired KT certification from the Ministry of Science and Technology
    06   Artificial marble ‘Hanex’ acquired NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) 51 certification
    03   Founded Maxforma Plastics, a North American automotive parts maker
    01   Artificial marble ‘Hanex’ acquired environment-friendly construction material certification from the Korea Air Cleaning      Association
  • 2004.
    06   Acquired the Green Mark(indoor flooring materials)
    05   Held Plant completion ceremony for Hanwha L&C Plastics Co., Ltd.
    03   Launched ‘Sky,’ a balcony window for high-rise apartments
  • 2003.
    12   Held opening ceremony for the automotive parts Plant in China and began production
    09   Entered into an agreement for introduction of Engineered Stone technology/equipment
    07   Won the Hit Product Award in the flooring material category in the1st half of 2003
    04   Declared commitment to ethical management
  • 2002.
    11   Won the financial management award (Korea Financial Management Association)
    05   Received a Presidential commendation in the large corporation category on Invention Day
    01   Built the ABM SYSTEM, and acquired K-OHSMS 18001 certification (Jinhae Plant)
  • 2001.
    11   Designated as an environment-friendly corporation (Bugang Plant), and acquired KOSHA 2000 certification (Bugang Plant)
    09   Expanded the Window Profile extruder, and acquired QS 9000 certification
    04   2nd expansion of the artificial marble production facilities
    01   Built the ERP SYSTEM

  • 1999.
    07   Spun off from Hanwha Chemical Corporation.
  • 1994.
    11   Acquired ISO 9001 certification
    10   Renamed as Hanwha L&C
    03   Completed the Yeocheon Ammonium Chloride Plant
  • 1991.
    10   Completed the emerald production facilities at the Bugang Plant
    10   Installed the T-DIE extruder at the Jinhae Plant

  • 1988.
    12   Completed the Bugang Plant rigid SHEET production facilities
    06   Founded Hanyang Materials Corp., a joint venture with Belgium-based SOLVAY Group
    05   Merged Hanyang Chemical Corp. and Korea Plastics Industry Corp.
  • 1986.
    05   Completed the Bugang Plant PVC windows & doors production facilities
  • 1984.
    04   Completed the Bugang Plant PVC tile production facilities
    01   Merged Hanyang Chemical Corp., Hanwha Chemical and Han Yang Chemical Holding Co., Ltd.
  • 1981.
    06   Completed the Jinhae Plant Goldleum production facilities

  • 1972.
    12   Founded Korea Plastics Industry Corp.

  • 1968.
    12   Founded Korea Plastics Industry Corp.
  • 1966.
    11   Completed the Bugang PVC Factory
  • 1965.
    08   Founded Korea Hwasung Plant (now Hanwha L&C and Hanwha Chemical Corporation)