Infloor Film



INFLOOR can be applied as a layer of film on the surface of walls, allowing for partial or even complete changes in interior design. It may also be used on the floor, or as a finishing touch on wall trims.


INFLOOR is an adhesive product that can be applied on the surface of existing flooring. As a chemical and weather resistant material, INFLOOR is an easily installable product that can be used to efficiently upgrade and change the style of a space, or even repair certain areas where the existing flooring requires maintenance.

INFLOOR is a high-quality product which is an excellent durability and weather resistant wall remodeling film material. This product can be used to create spaces with the latest design.

This product is produced to proper thickness to maintain the best quality of the product and it has proven to show excellent durability and safety. It expresses natural textures and atmospheres, which can be expressed in various ways.

INFLOOR is a DIY product which can be assembled in a short time and this product barely produces air bubbles.

The Magic Material for DIY : INFLOOR

1. Product Safety
INFLOOR has been created to maintain its high quality. It is not just a beautiful product to look at or feel – INFLOOR also boasts hith quality
material texture, durability and product safety.

2. Construction Efficiency
INFLOOR is crafted with a high strength adhesive, which makes it easily installable once the protective film is removed from the
bottom of the product.

3. Product Versatility
The natural wood-like look and texture of INFLOOR allows for its versatility. As such, it can be utilized to express various creative
outlooks and can be applied to achieve a diverse range of interior design styles.

4. Product Functionality
The surface of INFLOOR has been coated to ensure for its exceptional water proofing and moisture resistance. It is therefore easily
maintainable just by cleaning with water.

Installation Notice

Semi-permanent anti-bacterial film for healthy life

Normal FILM

General interior film uses non-toxic adhesive, which also does not include 5 major heavy metal glues

Anti-Bacteria FILM

Semi-permanent anti-bacterial film for healthy life


INFLOOR is a high qulity DIY material that is not only safe, durable, efficient for construction and versatile for design application, but it is also a convenient interior re-modelling product that can be easily maintained just by cleaning with water.