BODAQ Self-Adhesive Tile Film

Product Structure



• Create unique spaces with our diverse patterns, luxurious designs and 3D effects
• Sticker- type products make installation quick and easy, even without the use of anyprofessional tools
• Easily appliance on glass, tiles, MDF, etc.
• With Eco-friendly materials, we pursuit a much safer and healthier environment.

(Anti-fungal, Anti-bacterial, Free of Six Heavy metals/Formaldehyde)

• Excellent product that has a high resistance against moisture and pollutants due to its special surface coating.

Installation of Different Types

TYPE 1. Plain Type

Overlap the end parts for a more natural look.

TYPE 2. Brick type

Make sure to fill in the spaces by overlapping the patterns

How to Install


• Long term exposure to direct sunlight may cause minor discoloration.
• Try to attach the plates in place at one try, since the adhesives are very strong
• Extreme environments may cause deformation or damage to the product. (Best performance between 10℃ and 30℃)
• Use cleaning solutions and wipe with soft cotton sheets or superfine fibers to clean the surface.
• Avoid contact with direct flame for it may cause the product to deform. Keep at least 8 inches of safety distance form fire.
• Adhesion may reduce when left exposed or repeatedly detached.

Easy Construction

Make your own place!

Various patterns, sensible colors make anyone design their own place easily.
Stuffy places like Old kitchen wall, Grimy wall-tile and Glass can be changed
more luxurious and clean

Do it yourself! You can be an expert

BODAQ-tile is very easy to be applied by cutter, ruler, and scissors
No need any special tool, you can apply BODAQ-tile yourself!


Square Beige-Gray

Square Freesia-Yellow

Square Vanilla-Orange

Square Hot-Pink

Square Lime-Green

Square Beige-Green

Square Peacock-Green

Square Mint-Gray

Square Lavender-Gray

Square Violet-Mint

Square Red-Navy

Square Black

Square Pearl-White

Square Pearl-Ivory

Square Pearl-Blur-Green

Square Pearl-Black